Yorkshire Pasta


  • Yorkshire Pasta
  • Taking pasta back to the basics 
  • Flour sourced from a local Yorkshire mill,  ensuring superb quality grain 
  • No eggs are used, so all pastas are vegan
  • Packaged in 100% recyclable paper bags, hand sealed with metal fastenings 
  • The pastas available are fusilli, penne, conchiglie, tortiglioni and mezze maniche

Launching in 2020, The Yorkshire Pasta Company is Britain's first pasta brand. The brand has an aim of taking pasta back to basics, with no compromise on flavour, making pasta slowly and authentically; this is essential for enhancing the flavour of the grain and the pasta’s ability to absorb sauces. Some say it even results in a more easily digestible pasta. Perhaps this has been reflected in how the brand has won two Great Taste awards. The Yorkshire Pasta Company has a focus on moving away from industrial techniques, staying  true to tradition which is reflected in the quality of the pasta. This creates pastas that soak up the sauce better and create tastier meals.

Fusilli- Fusilli ‘spindles’ are like a corkscrew – it is the helterskelter of the pasta world! The swirly design partnered with the texture created from a traditional bronze-drawn method, leads to a champion sauce-holding ability and such a delightful mouthfeel. 

Penne- ‘Penne’ comes from the Italian word for quill and the angled end encourages even more sauce to be scooped up. Safe to say this is one saucy fella. These characteristics mean that this pasta is destined for a baked masterpiece.

Conchiglie- Most commonly referred to as ‘shells’, Conchiglie Rigate cuddle sauces more than any other pasta due to the rigid outer and smooth, deep, cave-like interior. They are excellent with lighter sauces and those with chunky pieces.

Tortiglioni-Similar to Rigatoni, but with more pronounced grooves that actually swirl their way around the pasta. Hence their name, which stems from the Latin ‘torquere’, meaning ‘to turn’. Perfect with simple sauces, zesty salads and fish dishes. Big, bold and mighty in appearance, texture and taste.

Mezze maniche- Ridged tubes of pasta almost as wide as they are long, with furrows down the outside. Rumoured to be hard to find and unlikely to be appreciated outside of Rome, this stylish number is making its debut in Yorkshire. They are capable of holding a range of sauces, from substantial and meaty to creamy and velvety.