Sicilian Sunbeam Wax Melt Bar


  • Wax Melt Bar
  • Scent: Neroli. Mandarin. Basil
  • Natural Plant Wax
  • Hand Made
  • Lasts up to 100 hours

This is the Sicilian Sunbeam Wax Melt Bar from The Flora Lab. Sicilian Sunbeam captures all of those wonderful, evocative aromas which can only truly be defined by the Italian summer. A sparkling cocktail of sweet blossom and zesty citrus fruits combine with the sweet peppery notes of fresh basil, creating an intoxicating blend of sensuality, happiness and positivity. Its delicate, well rounded notes will bring a smile to all that smell it.

Scent Notes: Top Notes: Fresh Basil, Lemon, Orange Middle Notes: heart of Neroli, Rose, Jasmine and Cyclamen. Bottom Notes: Rich musk's, precious woods, amber.

Made entirely by hand, each one of our gorgeous wax melts is infused with a combination of natural wax and the finest perfume oils. Wax melt bar lasts up to 100 hours.