Grey Folding Cool Rack


  •  Grey Folding Cool Rack 
  • The rack measures 35.5 x 23 cm (14 x 9 inches)
  • Dishwasher safe
  • 100% PTFE, PFOA and BPA free

Here we have the  Grey Folding Cool Rack from Masterclass. Upgrade your Smart Ceramic stackable bakeware collection with this two-in-one, non stick roasting rack and cooling tray. Like Smart Ceramic bakeware, this ingenious accessory is made of robust carbon steel, which can support heavy roasts or dense cakes with ease. The narrow slats will keep delicate bakes in one piece, too. Folding legs mean that you can elevate roasts to drain unhealthy fat, or raise cakes to promote air flow and quick cooling. When you’re done, fold the legs down and stack the baking rack with your matching Smart Ceramic pieces. Best of all, this is a truly non stick cooling rack. It features a seriously scratch-resistant non stick material, for effortless cleaning and food release.