Vegetable Cleaning Brush


  • Vegetable Cleaning Brush
  • Dimensions: 3.500 x 5.500 x 16.500cm

This is the Vegetable Cleaning Brush from Kitchen Craft. Fruits and vegetables are brimming with natural goodness, so it’s hard to believe they can sometimes carry nasty bacteria. That's why it's so important to give them a good clean before cooking or eating. KitchenCraft's vegetable cleaning brush makes the job quick and easy, so you can concentrate on cooking them to perfection! This little vegetable scrubbing brush has a set of hard-wearing polypropylene bristles, which make light work of removing dirt, soil and bacteria from your favourite hard fruits and vegetables. They don't shed either, so you won't find yourself enjoying a side of bristles with your buttery jacket spud! It’s not just a potato scrubber though – this little beauty is a real multi-tasker. Flip it over, and you’ll find a built-in scraper, which is ideal for scraping skins from baby new potatoes or parsnips before roasting. It has a potato eye remover too, for picking out those unsightly blemishes.