Small Icing Rolling Pin


  • Small Icing Rolling Pin
  • Dimensions: 2.500 x 22.000 x 2.500cm

Here we have the Small Icing Rolling Pin from Kitchen Craft. Ever tried to roll fondant icing with a wooden rolling pin? It’s a bit like trying to eat soup with a fork. In other words, you won’t get very far… That’s why this plastic rolling pin is such a cake decorating essential. While wooden varieties will cling to the fondant, making rolling nigh-on impossible, this clever fondant roller allows you to work icing with ease. It even helps keep your icing looking smooth and vibrant. That’s because you need less flour or icing sugar to dust, which can dull the colour of some icing. So grab this simple-but-ingenious rolling pin whenever you’re baking, and you’ll be able to roll smooth, perfectly thick icing every time.