Fat Absorbing Grill Liners Pk 10


  • Fat Absorbing Grill Liners Pk 10
  • Dimensions: 20.000 x 35.000 x 0.100cm

You're looking at the Fat Absorbing Grill Liners Pk 10 from Kitchen Craft. Sizzling sausages, beautifully crispy bacon, juicy pork chops and succulent steaks… Just when you thought grilled food couldn’t get any better, these ingenious, fat-absorbing grill pads have arrived to help you to create healthier versions of the meals you love, with less of the mess. They couldn’t be easier to use. Simply place one between your grill pan and your food and pop the pan under the grill as usual. Then the grill liner will start to work its magic… First, the silvery surface of the pad bounces heat around (to get your bacon extra crisp, extra quick!). Then, as the food cooks, tiny holes in the pad trap excess fat and grease, for a healthier, less oily result. Once you’ve finished cooking, simply serve up your scrummy snack, lift the pad off the grill pan and pop it in the bin – hey presto! Your favourite food, with less of the fat and none of the washing up! What’s not to love?