Dough Scoring Lame


  • This is the Dough Scoring Lame from Kitchen Craft
  • 15cm 
  • Stainless steel

This is the Dough Scoring Lame from Kitchen Craft. The aroma of freshly baked bread is heavenly, but when the loaf is sunken and misshapen, it kind of ruins the effect. So equip yourself with KitchenCraft Home Made’s baker’s lame, and put a stop to sunken loaves. Use this traditional baking tool to score your home-baked loaves before baking. It will help them rise evenly, and form crusts so beautifully crisp you’ll wish you could frame them. Unlike a standard bread knife, this dough scoring lame has a curved blade, which glides easily through dough. It’s designed to cut and score the dough without tearing, so you can enjoy perfectly shaped loaves and make beautiful, intricate designs on the crusts.