200ml Terrine Jar


  • 200ml Terrine Jar 
  • Dimensions: 10.500 x 8.000 x 7.900cm

 Here we have the 200ml Terrine Jar from Kitchen Craft. Don't let your homemade goodies go to waste! Store them the good, old-fashioned way – and lock in that all-important freshness – with KitchenCraft Home Made's glass terrine jar. Pack this traditional terrine jar with your best pâtés, jams, preserves, chutneys or pickles. With its durable silicone ring and lever-arm stainless steel locking mechanism, it creates an airtight seal. Not only does this stop your foods from spoiling, it'll also help to keep them tasting delicious. Just like the treasured terrine preserving jars of the past, this version's also very durable. It's made of high quality glass, which you can safely sterilise in your pressure cooker or a pan of boiling water, before filling it with tasty treats!