Wine Saver Pump With Two Stoppers


  • Wine Saver Pump With Two Stoppers
  • Dimensions: 6.000 x 9.500 x 14.500cm

This is the Wine Saver Pump With Two Stoppers from BarCraft. When you've uncorked a full-bodied Shiraz or a delicate Chardonnay, there's a temptation to finish the whole bottle. Especially when you know oxidisation could impact all those complex notes and aromas. However, with BarCraft's Wine Vacuum Pump Set you can save all the amazing flavours of your favourite wines for another time. Oxygen's the main culprit when it comes to wine spoilage. With this wine preserver pump set you can easily remove it from uncorked bottles and create an airtight seal that'll keep them fresh for longer. Simply secure one of the wine bottle stoppers on your uncorked bottle, fit the wine vacuum pump, then lift and push the handle to seal. It'll lock in all the flavour - ready for when you fancy a glass.