Cream Cast Aluminium Casserole Dish 2.5l


  • Cream Cast Aluminium Casserole Dish 2.5l 
  • Oven safe up to 200°C
  • Dimensions: 27.800 x 21.000 x 16.000cm

This is the  Cream Cast Aluminium Casserole Dish 2.5l  from Masterclass. Part of the best-selling Cast Aluminium cookware range from MasterClass, this innovative casserole dish with outstanding performance is lighter than cast iron but just as strong. The heat conduction of aluminium means food can be cooked quickly and evenly, providing faster cooking times. A stainless steel base allows for use on any hob, including induction. It’s also oven-safe up to 200°C (392°F), which makes it perfect for slow-cooking. The casserole dish features a knob and two handles to make it easier to move the pot from stovetop to oven and includes a self-basting lid that catches steam as it builds to provide moist and succulent meals. The pot is finished with an extremely tough, double scratch-proof layer that acts as a non-stick. As a consequence, less oil is needed for cooking, therefore achieving healthier results. Easy to clean, the casserole dish is dishwasher-safe. In addition, a patina layer will build up on the bakeware through use and continue to advance the performance. Boasting a 2.5L (4.5 pints, 85 fl oz), the casserole dish is perfect for cooking stews.