Unione Espresso Blend 1kg


  • Country – Brazil, Colombia
  • Blend – 50% Brazil; 50% Colombia
  • Variety – Red Catuai (Brazil); Caturra, Castillo & Typica (Colombia)
  • Altitude – 1030 – 2200 masl
  • Preparation – Pulped Natural (Brazil); Washed Process (Colombia)
  • Weight – 1kg

This is a coffee blend from Casa Espresso. Roasted by hand in Bradford, W. Yorkshire, and supplied as wholebeans. The Brazilian bean is produced by Jose Ricardo Stabile, and the Colombian bean is produced in the Narino region of Colombia at high altitude resulting in a bean of slow maturation, grown in soil rich in nutrients from volcanic ash, contributing to a much healthier plant and complexity in the cup.

Expect great balance from this unique blend and a dense creamy body with notes of dark chocolate, caramel and stone fruit acidity.