About Us

Car and Kitchen

We are an independent department store based in Settle, North Yorkshire at the gateway to the beautiful Yorkshire Dales.

C&K was started in 1976 by my grandparents (hi, I'm Henry). Soon after they were joined by my parents and myself and Tash (my wife) joined the business in 2014. Being the 3rd generation to run C&K we're extremely proud of the heritage of Car and Kitchen and the special place that it holds in so many peoples hearts.

The Name

The name 'Car and Kitchen' came from the building operating as a garage for much of the 20th century and later on branching out into kitchen retail items, as my grandparents and their business partners at the time diversified their offering. Not your most obvious combination, kitchen accessories and a garage but hey, it was the 70's - things happened.

My parents came into the business not too long after it formed in 1979 and the business moved more towards the range of products that we sell today, giftware, homeware and clothing to name a few. For reasons entirely unclear, the name 'Car and Kitchen' stuck and now almost 50 years later it is firmly established to say the least and we wouldn't change it for the world. If nothing else it makes for a fun conversation and the occasional confused shopper.

The "Car" Part

A pic of C&K as Central Garage back in the '20s

C&K circa 1990

Here's the team from back in't day

The Elements

When Tash was coming up with our branding. We knew we wanted to demonstrate the pride in our location and its landscape.

Tash wanted to represent our style whilst also demonstrating our pride of being from Settle & the Yorkshire Dales. She came up with these 5 elements that you'll see on our packaging, tills, emails and much more...

3 Peaks, Ribblehad Viaduct & The River Ribble

These prominent landmarks are synonymous with Settle and the surrounding area.

Foot paths & Dry stone walls

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Our shop

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