Here at Car & Kitchen we love to support fellow independent businesses and stock our shop with lots of lovely things from the most fabulous small makers and designers. With the topsy turvy style of 2020 independents need your love now more than ever, so, let's think big, shop small and keep our communities thriving!

Over the next few weeks we are going to be running a series of Q&A sessions to showcase some of our favourite indie businesses. So, to kick things off we have our new kid on the block (and already firm fave) Olive & Frank. Founded by the lovely Chloe Torpey, Olive & Frank is a super cool clothing brand based in Liverpool with a mission to create empowering designs that make you feel good.

Chloe starts by telling us how it all began and she also drops some sage advice for those looking to start out on their own. We hope you enjoy!



Tell us about Olive & Frank - how did it all begin?

I always knew that I wanted to work for myself and started by selling jewellery made by other independent designers before experimenting with a couple of t-shirt designs. 

After working in various temp jobs and saving up enough money, I decided to try selling the t-shirts online, that's when the seed that is Olive and Frank was planted and over the years it has blossomed from there.

What was the inspiration behind the brand?

To create clothes that make people feel good and to empower whoever wears them!

What is your favourite piece in the collection?

Our long sleeved stripe tees which were a labour of love between ourselves and our small partner factory in Portugal.

What is one thing 2020 has taught you as a business owner?

To always believe in my vision, regardless of external circumstances and to be adaptable and resilient during times of change.


2020 has been a pretty tricky year for creatives. What are your go to ways to get through a creative block?

To take a break, get out into nature and see my family, that always grounds me and re-inspires me creatively. 

What was your lockdown silver lining?

I was able to continue working and even growing Olive and Frank, I was grateful for structure it provided me each day, that was a huge blessing. 

Future plans for the brand?

We are releasing a new product line of embroidered joggers and sweatshirts very shortly and have a really exciting collaboration coming soon too but for now 

I can’t say much more!

What advice would you give to others looking to start their own business?

To just start, it can be really easy to put off starting something until everything is ‘perfect’ but if you can start small, where you are, you will learn so much along the way.

Name your 3 favourite small businesses

Too Wordy, Lines and Current and Self Care Company. 


Check out our collection of Olive & Frank here.

October 23, 2020 — Team C&K

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